It is always important to get your vehicle checked out if something does not sound right. One issue can lead to another. This can make your vehicle inoperable and very costly to fix! Never take the change and treat your vehicle right. It is our goal to make sure you walk in with a smile and leave with a smile with a working vehicle!




After some time, your vehicle may start shaking or not stopping as good as when you first bought it. Parts begin to wear out and need to be replaced to get the maximum performance as it originally had. We offer tune-up services and do brake jobs to continue keeping you safe in your vehicle.



It is always recommended to get your vehicle serviced regularly. With Chicago's weather, parts can break or wear out. So if you here a noise or a Check Engine light shows up, bring it by as soon as possible. If you decide to wait it out, it can continually become worse and do more damage. Never take a risk. It is always better to get it done sooner than later.




If your vehicle is bouncing up and down, you may be in need of new struts or shocks. If your shocks are blown or struts are damaged, you should replace it quickly. Driving can become rough, tires wear out faster and your ride will no longer be smooth. We always recommend the highest quality parts for longer lasting and to have a better peace of mind.